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Land art Mont-Saint-Hilaire






LuresFrom organic materials collected nearby and in this environment, create and make several insect lures, which take different shapes and textures by swarming; sort of a late appearance of day flies.

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Pierre LEICHNER www.leichner.ca

We all need some!For several months I have been working with the roots of plants. I make sculptures from them. We all have roots. Physically with our hair, psychologically with our families, culturally with our communities, and spiritually with our earth and the cosmos. By exposing the roots of this tree I remind us of their importance.

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Marc WALTER www.marcwalter.ca

The Circle of the Wise (or Reverence)Deeply impressed by the maturity and the atmosphere of the orchard, this artist chose to make a particular apple tree the center of his intervention. Respect, humility and integration are the key words guiding his inspiration. "When I'm walking a place, a dialogue begins; here, I am an apprentice of nature faced with a place rich with history. Fashioned by the hands of men and women, the orchard defies time. I added some snippets of the process."

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Soundwalk / pinewoodPinewood as acoustic materials. Long steel cables suspended in the manner of electrical transmission cables are operated by visitors. A sonic landscape comes from the forest and surrounds the entire pinewood. Many cables lead to multiple locations. Cables act like intersecting paths that create improbable meetings. 

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A wing floating on a lake. A mosaic of fall colours.

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Chœur à cœursChœur à cœurs is an installation that focuses on the symbolism of trees, bees, nests, and apples. It offers a reflection on the cycles of life and the importance of legacy and rituals. A journey to make with one's heart... of an apple.

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Cinthia PLOUFFE et Daniel BENNETT

The seven conductors

Who can presume to conduct these majestic trees?

How can seven conductors agree and conduct nature?

Here, the poplars sing easily. Between the creator and the place, harmony is possible. Just listen, feel and join nature in its poetic dance. The words materialize and then settle on the stones.

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Between Taking and GivingMy proposal is a winding path that is on a trail starting from the pond, past a beech wood, across part of the orchard and that stops in front of a row of tall larch trees.

It is an allegory on the theme of earthly fruits. These metaphorical fruits are stones. We walk while passing from the wood to the orchard. A passage between wild nature and the territory of the orchard; an organized nature, an area of production. "Stone-fruits" scattered on the ground will be "taken" by the trees in the orchard... and eventually returned to the earth at the end of the hike. This space is intended to be a poetic interlude played between the words take and give.

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Michel BACHELET et Christine JUILLARDwww.zonevert.ca

DialoguesAmong the rows of the orchard, are some ancient apple trees, whose combined age represents the symbiotic rhythm of Mont Saint-Hilaire. The alignment of a pinewood and a carpet of needles yields a contrast of vertical and quiet monochrome, creating an interplay.

Our gaze rests and questions settle before these contrasting colours and shapes. A willingness to intertwine these spaces arises as a counterpoint. Correspondences and dialogues are established.

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Catherine CHAUMONT et Frédérick BOISSONNAULT

Variations on an apple treeThe orchard is a rich place for imagination. This is an inspiring theme; sometimes reassuring, sometimes sacred, it often reminds us of our childhood moments, moments of abundance, flowers, and fruits, time for reflection and exaltation. The apple tree is a strong symbol around Mont-Saint-Hilaire, but its role in the spirit of the place or even of the people, remains mysterious, infinite...

In this migration season, we wanted to revisit the orchard differently, to view it broadly and in a variant that perhaps will reveal a new poetic.

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© Photo credits 2009 edtion: Les Productions Saint



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