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Land art Mont-Saint-Hilaire


2013 EDITIONLet's be realistic and create the impossible!



Professional Section


In Collaboration with the University of Sherbrooke

Javier Vicente IZQUIERDO

Viera Viento (windmill) The winds have caressed nature since the very beginnings. Humans were able to make use of them for their own ends. Windmills helped feed entire populations for decades.

This type of energy, once relegated to a secondary position, returns today in the form of wind turbines. My windmill is inspired by these windmills of the past and these wind turbines of the future. Nature always prevails.

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Le rêve d'Adam"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed.".
– Mahatma Gandhi

My sculptural approach emphasizes traditional techniques. I borrow the ancestral motions of workers who shape nature. Using mainly the technique of direct carving, and modeling, I carve the vegetal and mineral to record time thereon.

In Genesis, the appletree is considered the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Its fruit, the apple, denotes in Latin (malum), evil or assimilation.

I intend to remove a portion of the appletree's leaves, to leave only a central sphere in the heart of the tree, a minimalist representation of a lush planet.

The fruit left on the bare branches will be partially chewed one by one and left to rot. A metaphor for the tragedy of human greed.

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Pierre TESSIER et Suzanne RICARDwww.pierre.artessier.comwww.suzanne.artessier.com

" … one moment! "" … one moment! "  is a fixed point in time. The work symbolizes the moment of passage of the tree to the ground, a moment between the harvest and return to the earth, creating a time of reflection on the great cycles.

A moment impossible to grasp, but for a visual designer whose vision and imagination like to follow the paths of the elusive.

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Gilles BRUNI

« …  »The host environment, first of all, determines the frame, the theater where the operations will take place: here the maple grove becomes the area of focus, the workshop.

The project necessarily flows from the site and attempts to reveal a territory, places, to activate them either by reacting with or against a de facto situation.

The artist working in situ thus introduces himself as a "graft": he arrives with his skills and ability to take advantage of the place where he has settled. Of course, the goal must respect the rules of reciprocity. It is not about parasitizing the host environment, but rather seeking to establish something akin to a "symbiotic" relationship.

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Charline P. WILLIAM et Félix LEMIEUX

ImmersionImmersion in the terrestrial plants become underwater flora, weightless among corals, algae and shells. Immersed in a dimension other than the immediate environment in the presence of a variety of supernatural aquatic specimens in the heart of the forest.

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Chantal LAGACÉ et Brigitte GENDRON

The Candel'ArbreThis candelabra is an everyday object that was taken out of its context. Relocated in the forest, above this trail, in a different context, it is surprising. A new look is now placed on the object. This place gives it a new life, a new poetry which makes it majestic. Constructed in this forest that gave it life, it is its turn to give it life.

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Sharon KALLIS avec la participation du Cercle de fermières Au pied du Mont

Potential dreams the futureDiscovering the site for the first time just a few days before starting, Sharon will engage in a collaborative and creative improvisation with visitors who wish to join in.

The vegetation of the site suggests unnecessary and invasive green factories. They will be woven, twisted and crocheted into a sculptural installation that transforms the environment.

Sharon is happy to welcome to the project people who would like to share their knowledge of the local terrain and organic materials. 

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In Collaboration with the University of Sherbrooke

et Sylvain DEMERS

Qilin LandIn harmony with the theme of the event: "Let's be realistic and create the impossible", we chose to create a doorway, a passage that allows us to move from the real world to the world of the imagination.

In this space of the impossible and mysterious, visitors are invited to observe nature where it might harbour strange animals… 

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The StarA star is both real and untouchable. It has the power to stimulate our imagination, our creativity and our hopes. We are constrained by its place in the infinite - its visibility and brightness.

We see the star shape in nature, we associate it with beauty and possibilities, we even make wishes upon stars.

The Star perfectly reflects the theme of the event Créations-sur-le-champ Land Art Mont-Saint-Hilaire for this year: "Let's be realistic and create the impossible". 

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The Tree of NoahAmong the First Nations, the turtle is Mother Earth, an oasis of life where it all began.

Our turtle represents the creation of the world through her emergence from the pond and the soil (using its fins of roots and clay).

The turtle receives life from water and earth and transforms it back into sustainability, through the tree that emerges from the shell. In turn, the tree will have to carry all of life (like the ark).

The symbol represents life handed down from generation to generation since the creation of the world until… 

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EdgeThe foundation of the project is an earthen sculpture that is excavated and modeled, whose shape follows that of several historical works and buildings, places such as gazebos designed for surveying and contemplation, or these scenic areas inspired by Greek theatres and carved into the natural topography of sites.

The use of earth as the main material evokes the hand of man in the territory. Designed to accommodate the viewer in the centre, the platform is surrounded by a moat, like a citadel, and reveals a strategic location providing a peripheral and immersive view of the plots of the estate: the woods, the wooded edge, the orchard and the Mont Saint-Hilaire. Further in front in the forest, a creation of string and twigs evokes the refinement and delicacy of nature. 

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Dominique LAQUERRE

The Secret Life of Bees In the form of small wax theatres built in the centre of actual hives, the sculptures of Dominique Laquerre invite us into the world of the infinitely small, the infinitely delicate and the infinitely important.

A world imagined in tribute to the indispensable allies of the living that are the bees. Visitors are encouraged to overcome their fear and to open the hives transformed for a few days into small and improbable poetic theatres. 

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© Photo credits 2013 edition: Patrick Deslandes
* © Photo credits: Delphine Quach

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