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Land art Mont-Saint-Hilaire


2007 Edition




Quilt"In Mont-Saint-Hilaire, apple trees have always existed and survived all kinds of scourges. And yet in the past 20 years, apple plantations have been receding and disappearing. Time, money, climate change, and residential development uproot several of them every year. Let's make sure that in the future, we have more left than a few remaining squares scattered throughout the landscape..."

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Tsunami des bleus (Blue Tsunami)For this piece, he was inspired by his concern vis-à-vis climate change, and particularly a design which suggests that a thousand years from now these apple trees could end up underwater. The choice of the colour blue reinforces this idea.

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Contemporary TemptationsDeeply impressed by the maturity and the atmosphere of the orchard, this artist chose to make a particular apple tree the center of his intervention. Respect, humility and integration are the key words guiding his inspiration. "When I'm walking a place, a dialogue begins; here, I am an apprentice of nature faced with a place rich with history. Fashioned by the hands of men and women, the orchard defies time. I added some snippets of the process."

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Jocelyn FISET

Sushi BarThis multidisciplinary artist, in 2007, concocted a gargantuan sushi bar for the pleasure of small and big gourmets... and no one is left indifferent!

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The Ovoo meeting place"My installation is inspired by my experiences in Mongolia, particularly with the Tsaatan, a nomadic people living in small groups of families in teepees similar to the North American Indians on an area of several hundred thousand square kilometers on the Russian Siberian border. The stump of the tree at the center of the stone circle is a Russian apple tree... strange coincidence!"The ovoo is the abode of spirits, the spirits of ancestors, nature, earth and water. The installation is completed by the sacred colours of the four directions symbolizing the circle of life for indigenous people of Canada.

According to the ritual, one must circle the ovoo counterclockwise three times while tossing small pebbles at its base. And thus honoured, the spirits grant protection to the visitors.

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André BOISVERTwww.andreboisvert.ca

Apnea at Champlain SeaThere are three jellyfish and a fallen tree floating in a pine forest, the water effect is striking, the jellyfish actually appear to be underwater as they respond to the slightest movement and in this way give us a realistic, truly stunning experience.

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Tresse (braid), interactive work that connectsAs one braids one's hair in Privacy
For generations of women
Weaving connecting
Between nations, with nature
For the continuity of life
Here the lines become sculptures
Together they draw a direction in space
The viewer is invited to contemplate the tableau provided

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Geneviève CHEVALIERwww.genevievechevalier.com

PaularedAs part of the Land Art event in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Geneviève Chevalier created an installation from fruits gathered at the foot of the orchard's apple trees at the Pavillon de la Pomme. Inspired by the many varieties - some of which are heirlooms - cultivated in the orchard, she chose the title Paulared which refers to both the apple, and a fictional character whose silhouette is represented by the apples assembled by the artist. A trompe-l'oeil effect that requires the visitor to stand at an exact location determined by Chevalier, the work then becomes clear as the eye combines distinct shapes that overlap in space.

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© Photo credits 2007 edtion: Gilles Arbour

Land art