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Eligibility requirements to participate in
Créations-sur-le-champ Land art Mont-Saint-Hilaire

To be a landartist, professional artist in visual arts, and/or in multidisciplinary arts, landscape architect, landscape designer, set decorator, and others marginal artists

To have an artistic approach which shows an interest and experience in
working with nature

To have already carried out projects in this direction or in the spirit of Land art

To be in good physical shape, because the work is done outside, rain or shine


Important to know for professional artists
2017 will be the 11th edition.

Event Dates
Always the week which follows the Thanksgiving, from Wednesday including Sunday; the event proceeds over 5 days.

From October 12th to October 16th for 2017.

Grand opening
Sunday from 11 am, however people come starting Wednesday in order to attend the creative process.

The promoter
The City of Mont- Saint-Hilaire is the promoter of this project. Several other silent partners joined the project since. The success of the event is due to our professional, dynamic, convivial, impassioned team.

The site
The place where the event occurs is quite simply bucolic, it 's the orchard of Mr. Michel Robert, "Le Pavillon de la pomme", located at the bottom of the Mountain of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, imagine the place in autumn time. There are also a pine forest and another forest of hemlock spruces which are parts of this splendid playing field.

Approximately 6000 people passed last year and growing each year. Mont Saint-Hilaire is 45 minutes from Montreal and two hours from Quebec.

How many artists
Twelve teams participate each year, and since 2010 we receive international artists.

Conditions for creating in the spirit of the Land art
The artists must create a work in the spirit of the Land art, using as much as possible what is on the spot, there is however a 10% of resources allowed from elsewhere.

The theme of this year 2017
"Let's be realistic and create the impossible!"
It's our theme for the last tree year and we don't get rid of it. That opens all doors, and even that of the impossible . This topic suggests daring, innovating, exceeding its limits, leaving its zone of comfort.

Content of the first selection record
• Artistic CV and artistic approach (PDF)

• Web site or photographs (JPEG) of your achievements of in situ installation, Land art or ephemeral art.

When the artist is selected
• Project drawing or sketch (JPEG)

• Draft a project related to the theme of Créations-sur-le-champ land art Mont-Saint-Hilaire 2017 (PDF)

• Other relevant documents

Grant and various fees
$ 1,300 is granted to the participant artists, beds from local artists welcome the creators, evening meals are provided by our sponsors.

Deadline of deposit of the files
It's open year round.

To send your file
* You can choose to send your application by email or by post. If your application is mailed, do not forget to include all your documents also on CD in PDF and JPEG format.

By post :
Productions tableaux vivants
1138, Chemin de la Montagne, Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Québec) J3G 4S6

The selection committee makes a decision at the end of March each year.

NB Please note that the files will not be returned.

For additional information, contact: