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Land art Mont-Saint-Hilaire






The IntruderAn apple tree with bunches? A first in Mont-Saint-Hilaire! This professional and self-taught duo in several fields of visual arts proved themselves at international Land Art meetings where they have won several awards. For both, direct contact with nature is still extremely valuable. They therefore let themselves soak in the natural attractions of the locations and tried to give, just like the orchard at this time of year, a particular spirit and colour to their work. 

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TaurapatapomA place bearing a childhood memory where voices sounded the joy of picking apples. A friendly nod to the work of creation, the significance of nature on human beings and the game of a glittering dialogue playing with the wind.

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Thérèse CHABOT

The round-trip, journey of reverence In the context of this event, my intervention is based on the geography of the area where several paths cross and suggest a break and a pause to better continue one's journey.

At this chosen site, I use the natural and artificial scenery of the place simultaneously composed of the woodland and household furniture: sink and toilet made available to the traveler-hiker-pilgrim. It's from these elements that I recompose the landscape to invoke a new interpretation of the usage, from basic to the playful, the whimsical to the sublime.

Metaphor of the passage, my intervention plays on several levels, by using the natural setting of the location where the senses are stimulated. I wanted to make use of this crossroads-refuge that I repurposed as a break on the trail between the end of the pantry of the orchard and blueberry field before discovering the pine forest with its golden shadows to finally arrive at the pond, a phosphorescent green mirror teeming with life, sheltered by a majestic weeping willow.

In the backdrop we can see the mountain that emerges from behind trees and remains supreme, guardian of these priceless and irreplaceable treasures despite the attack of men trying to build a nest of concrete in it and push it back.

In my area, I invite you to discover a sacred poetic garden reminiscent of the concept of the cycle and the eternal renewal alluding to the beauty of the ancestral know-how which is perpetuated in the daily gestures still present and rich in meaning.

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Christopher VARADY SZABO

The land risesBy exploring the concepts of habitat and architectural systems, sculptures by this artist are inspired by primitive structures. To design them, he borrows and adapts authentic traditional construction methods. This concept of habitat allied with the nature of the orchard has survived two winters.

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As-tu ton bonnet mon bolet? (Where's your cap, mushroom?)Three mushrooms have now found refuge in the undergrowth of the orchard.

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France MALO

Mnemonic CorridorIt is human nature and instinct that help human beings shape their habitat... they are responsible for it. The natural geography of Mont Saint-Hilaire defines a corridor of natural phenomena: from the microclimate to this latest hail storm... Born in Mont-Saint-Hilaire and witness of the transformation of the place, this Créations-sur-le-champ project makes me imagine the graphic impressions of nature in deep imbalance.

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Tania LEBEDEFFwww.tanialebedeff.com

Silent WitnessTo show the sacred side of nature, a dark alley of pinewood becomes the interior of a majestic cathedral, through the simple addition at the end of a "stained glass" window made of reeds. This window opens onto the light of the orchard and the magnificence of the mountain. A hollow tree trunk in which one's gaze is lost to infinity by the magic of a set of mirrors and a few autumn leaves brings us again to contemplate beyond ourselves.

The "Silent witness" is us, it's each tree, it's the mountain.

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Nature is watching"We will feel observed while watching." Some elements of nature are like guardians of the forest. A look at our presence to remind us of the fragility of the place.

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Thierry VIGNEAULT and Chantal CHRISTIN

Do We Want to get Married?A work evoking the temptation of the couple: The Female tree and the Male tree - Do we want to get married? A marriage proposal to the flamboyant colours of Autumn. Their passion for the theatre, scenography, light and lighting shines through in this romantic and colourful setting. "Land art is a state of being in nature, a response to continuous proposals of the Earth's materials".

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© Photo credits 2008 edtion: Gilles Arbour
*© Photo credits: Suzanne St-Amoursuzannesaintamour.blogspot.ca



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